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Good job, Good Mob!

At Lady Scout Studio, we are passionate about a number of things, but at the top of that list is women doing cool things, and giving back to the community. Good Mob covers both.

Our friends and clients Good Mob, have morphed from an award winning idea to start up extraordinaires, in little over a year. Good Mob is the brainchild of Bryony Green and her friend Sarah Wickham, stylish Melbourne girls with a knack for clever ideas.

The Good Mob premise is simple; come together with a group of like-minded people, start an online mob via, and regularly pool your resources, thereby taking your donation dollar further. It's all about the power of the collective. Instead of giving sporadically, give strategically as a group. Makes so much sense, right?

At the recent Nexus Conference in Sydney, Good Mob revealed the first stage of their tech development, wowing crowds and winning hearts alike. Congrats GM! 

Lady Scout Studio was honoured to help shape the look for this incredible idea, providing the good folks at Good Mob with logo design, a complete photography package and copywriting services. We can't wait to see this local tech start up transform the way we give. 

Check out Good Mob for yourself: | @goodmobhq |

Seiðr means 'magic' in Norse mythology. To us, it means 'smells really, really good'.

Perfumer Rebecca Young enlisted the services of Lady Scout Studio for her new handcrafted essential oils perfume line, Seiðr. 

Seiðr (pronounced say-der) is a word from ancient Norse mythology, meaning 'magic' or 'how to smell like a divine Norse goddess and bewitch total strangers at parties'. Mmm.

LSS is so excited to be working with Rebecca to develop the Seiðr brand identity and packaging, custom photography, a short film, online store, and more! 

Seiðr will be unveiled in 2016. In the meantime, you can stay on the scent by joining the mailing list:

Lost the love for your job? You need Sarah McKinna Consulting, stat!

Sarah McKinna has the career know-how every professional needs - and lucky for you, her unique services are for hire! Thinking about switching careers? Talk to Sarah. HR situation got you stumped? Sarah can sort that out. The woman is a bonafide career wiz, who can calm your nerves and set you on the right course. 

With years of experience and dedicated customer service, Sarah is the only HR and careers consultant you will need. Whether you are returning to work, making a professional change, or looking to improve your HR systems, Sarah will get results.

We had the distinct pleasure of working with Sarah to develop her brand identity, a range of custom photographs for her business, as well as a new website (coming soon). 

Get in touch with Sarah:

Last Spring

Last winter felt as though it went for a very long time, so when spring finally broke through, we couldn't wait to get busy in the studio with some budding foliage and greenery. For this playful shoot, we were feeding off a 1960's flower-child vibe. Thank you to Bryony for being our muse! x